CSU's Natural User Interaction Lab

About NUI Lab

NUI Lab, (Formerly known as OpenHID), founded in January 2015, is dedicated to the research and development of 3D User Interfaces including selection, manipulation and navigation, Gesture User Interfaces including recognition and elicitation, Multi-Modal Interaction, and Virtual & Augmented Reality, among other research interest we have.

In general, we concentrate in the research of multi-modal interaction (gesture-centric) and how those gestures with other modalities may improve the user's interaction. In addition, we have started looking at multi-modal interaction for collaborative environments. We strive to advance Human-Centered Computing state-of-the-art.

NUI Lab was originally founded at Florida International University (with the initial help of FIU's High Performance Database Research Center) and now resides in its new home at Colorado State University in the Computer Science Department. The lab founder and director is Francisco R. Ortega, Ph.D. NUI Lab is part of a larger group, CSU's Communicating with Computers (CWC).

Recent Publications

  • New ACM IX article: Steed, A., Ortega, F.R., Williams, A.S., Kruijff, E., Stuerzlinger, W., Batmaz, A.U., Won, A.S., Rosenberg, E.S., Simeone, A.L. and Hayes, A., 2020. Evaluating immersive experiences during Covid-19 and beyond. Interactions, 27(4), pp.62-67.
  • IEEE TVCG paper accepted "Understanding Multimodal User Gesture and Speech Behavior for Object Manipulation in Augmented Reality Using Elicitation" to be presented at IEEE ISMAR 2020
  • ACM Interactions magazine article accepted "Evolutionary gestures: When a gesture is not quite legacy biased”, to appear in the October - September issue.


  • NSF Award CCRI (PI: Dr. Ortega) starting August 2020.

  • NSF Award CRII (PI: Dr. Ortega, co-PIs: Drs. Shannigrahi, Mastorakis, and Blanchard) starting August 2020.

  • NSF Award Future of Work at the Technology Frontier (PI: Dr. Clegg, coPIs: Ortega, Rhodes, Cleary, Smith, and Wickens) starting August 2019.