Contracts & Grants​

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The Natural User Interaction (NUI) Lab’s primary research focuses on multi-modal interaction (gestures, gestures + speech, etc.) using elicitation, development of techniques, and recognition (when appropriate) for 3D user interfaces. 

The lab uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology to accomplish its primary objective. In addition, NUILab has been expanding to understand collaborative nature in augmented reality. A secondary focus is understanding how virtual reality can be used to promote larger diversity in computer science. 

In addition to our core research, this is a very multi-disciplinary lab, where we collaborate with Vision, Software Engineering, Psychology, Human-Factors, and Networking, among others.

Externally-Funded Projects as PI

  • PI: “CAREER: HCC: Microgesture and Multimodal Interaction Techniques for Augmented Reality”. 06/2023-05/2028, NSF CAREER, $600,000.
  • PI: “CRII: CHS: Understanding Gesture User Behavior in Augmented Reality Headsets.” $175,000. NSF CRII NSF 19-579. 2019. Submitted: 08/14.2019. Status: Awarded.

  • PI: “CCRI: Planning: Collaborative Research: Low-Latency for Augmented Reality Interactive Systems (LLARIS).” $100,000. NSF 19-512 CCRI. Collaborative proposal between CSU, Tennesse Tech, and University of Nebraska Omaha. Submitted: 01/09/2020.

  • PI: “Fused Augmented Realties with Synthetic Vision (FAR/SV) Systems for Ground Forces VR Rehab, Inc.”,$283,000. ONR subAward via VRR. 07/23/2019 – 04/30/2023. Status: Active.

  • PI: “NIH-NIDA SUD Challenge – BioBrace VR: Bio-Interactive Device with Personalized Avatar Therapy for SUD”. $10,000. Awarded to BioMagic VR, Inc. (spawn from FIU) in preparation for STTR/SBIR. Status: Completed.

  • PI: “NSF SBIR Phase IIA: 2.5D Extensions to Braille-based User Interaction”. Polymer Braille Inc. $105,000. Award AWD000000006592, Project No: 800007091. May-18-2016. (Sub-Award). 04/18/16–04/17/17. Status: Completed.

Externally-Funded Projects as coPI​

  • co-PI “FW-HTF-P: Optimizing Long-Term Human Performance in FutureWork.”, $150,000. NSF, BCS 1928502. Program: Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier. Allocation funds to Computer Science Department: ˜80%, including 1 GRA for 3-4 semesters, supplies, and faculty effort. PI: Benjamin Clegg, Psychology, CSU. 09/01/2019 – 08/31/2020. Status: Active.
  • co-PI “Communication through Gestures, Expression, and Shared Perception.” CWC DARPA Award via DOD-ARMY. co-PI as of Fall 2019. $2,133,844. 07/31/2015 – 07/30/2020. PI: J. Ross Beveridge, Computer Science, CSU. Status: Active.
  • co-PI: Florida Center for Cybersecurity (FC2), University of South Florida. “Using a Cyberlearning Environment to Enhance Critical Cybersecurity Education”. $100,000. 2017. PI: Peter Clarke, Computer Science, FIU. Status: Completed.

Externally-Funded Projects as Investigator or role other than PI or coPI​

  • I: “Post-Occupancy Engagement: Exploring Augmented Reality Technology as a Tool for Assessing and Enhancing Efecctiveness of Building Design Strategies.” $9,989. Awarded by American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). PI: Leah Scolere, Interior Design, CSU. 10/10/2019 – 07/01/2020. PI: Leah Scolere, Interior Design, CSU. Use of funds: %˜ 50 of award will be used for a Computer Science student. Status: Active.

  • I: “Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities, Summer Grant”. $3,000. 2016.

  • I: “IUCRU CAKE additional membership fees from OverIT (Italian-based company)”. $3,000. June, 2016.

  • I: “IUCRU CAKE membership fees from OverIT (Italian-based company)”. $5,000. June, 2016.

  • I: “IUCRU CAKE membership fees from Polymer Braille Inc”. $5,000, June, 2016.

Externally-Funded Gifts or Donations

  • Boettcher Foundation, $500.00 gift to Francisco R. Ortega for Virtual Reality Soccer for Concussions. 2019.

Internally-Funded Awards​

  • I: “Development of VR Applications for Education and Training”. $18,117. Awarded by Provost Miranda, Digital Learning Initiative. 01/07/2020 – 06/30/2021. PI: Pedro Boscan, Veterinary School, CSU. Status: Active.

  • I: “Support for Veterinary VR Application”, $24,000. Awarded by College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) IT governance. Partial salary for VR Developer. 2019. PI: Pedro Boscan, Veterinary School, CSU. Status: Active.

  • PI: CSU Graduate School. Student Recruitment Mini-Grant. “UTEP Recruitment to CSU”$500. Awarded Nov, 2019.

  • PI: OVPR Special Research Award. $26,644. Awarded Nov, 2019.

  • CSU Cybersecurity Center. Created a course, Introduction to Digital Forensics. One month salary for. ˜$12,000 (including fringe). Summer 2019.

  • PI: CSU Graduate School. Student Recruitment Mini-Grant. “FIU Recruitment to CSU”$500. Awarded Nov, 2018.

  • I: FIU. Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Mini-Grant 2018. $2,500. Awarded Aug, 2018.