Resources and FAQ




R1. I want to do a master or a Ph.D. in your lab. What are my steps to do this?

The best way to work with me or any of my colleagues at CSU is to apply for the graduate program and indicate your areas of interest. Link.

R2. I’m an undergraduate student already in CSU. How do I join your lab?

Please email me.

R3. I’m an undergraduate student already in CSU. What opportunities do you have?

If there is space to take more students, I do have volunteering positions, research undergradaute experience positions, and others. Please contact me.

R4. I’m a graduate student in Computer Science at CSU. I want to work with you. What are my next steps?

Ideally, you shall take a class with me, independent studies, or work on a project to so we can get to know each other. Depending how many stundets I have, I may or may not be able to get you in the lab. Email me for more information. Remember that we have lots of great faculty at CSU doing amazing research and you should explore your options.

R5. I’m a graduate student and I need funding.

Welcome. I’m also looking for funding. To get a GRA position or be recommended for GTA (which the latter I have no control and the former depends on funding), it takes more than just wanting to work in the NUILAB. There is a pipeline and we work thru the pipeline. It is true that sometimes, you may have a special skill that is needed, and in that case, I may considering hiring you. However, the best way to get to know faculty is by taking a class, independent studies, or working a project.

R6. I emailed you about admission but you didn’t reply to me (or your reply was not what I looking for). What should I do now?

First, thank you for considering CSU and my person as an option. I’m not in charge of admissions. If I know someone, I may recommended them but it is still out of my hands. My suggestion is to apply to CSU ( However, if you didn’t elicit the response you were hoping from me (or no response), I do apologize ahead of time but I’m extremely busy and I do get lots of emails with such request. See question R7 for more information.

R7. How do I impress you in an email so you can reply to me (or any faculty for that matter)?

First, do not copy/paste your email and change a few keywords. If you really want my attention, it needs to be personalized and you must at least have read a couple of my papers (recent ones ideally) and tell me why you want to do research here and what are your qualifications. You still will need to apply to ( but I may be able to offer a different response that I would do with generic emails.

R8. What do I need to do be succesfull in your lab?

Team player is key and getting along with everyone. Respect for your peers, students, and anyone is also fundamental. Reading, writing, and presenting are essential. While coding is extremely important and having a good CS background helps, my research is able to get students from other displines to shine in my lab (psychology, human-factors, etc.) Of course, you will need to come with a bit of coding experience and take more classes, but it is possible. Please contact me if you want to know more.


E1. I emailed you and you haven’t replied.

I’m very fast with emails (and I should slow it down for sure). However, I do miss emails. Please resend it.


E2. I want to get an override for class X?

Email your advisor. You can copy me. Please explain why in the email. I will always follow the advise of our great undegraduate sucess coordinators.

E3. What is your teaching site? My teaching site is hosted in CSU CS’s servers. Use the link on top of this page or go to Teaching.


H1. NUI stands for Natural User Interfaces, yet you call your lab NUI for natural user interaction. Why?

Yes, I do. Guilty as charged. I like how NUI sounded and I prefer interactions which is what I concentrate most of my research.


D1. What game engines do your lab uses? Primarly Unity Game Engine and Unreal Game Engine. GoDot was used once to test it and back in the day I loved OGRE 3D.

D2. What’s your favorite language? C++ (and don’t say C/C++ — Don’t get me started)


G1. I like your site, did you do it?

No. I don’t like to develop websites. You will learn that from me. Of course, I have developed websites in the past and for money you could see me writing javascript. This site was developed by Rachel Masters. Prior web developers created earlier versions of NUILAB website (different technology), with most used by NUILAB were the sites created by Alain Galvan (first site, when were were called OpenHID), Santiago Bolivar (first NUILAB site), and Hamilton Chevez. I have gone back and forth if I should use one of those markdown sites from github and maybe I should one day. Today is not the day.

G2. I don’t like your site. Please write a new one.

See question before this one.