The NUILab in 2023

A Vision for the Future

In 2023, the NUILab is not only a group of students with a common interest but a team striving to build a solid foundation for the growth of the future. With work in AR, VR, and Mixed Reality this team has big goals and the funding to support it. 

When the NUILab set out for the 2023 season their vision included forest bathing access growth, a desire for more design to AR integration, and pushing the boundaries of what we know and understand as interaction with XR devices.

Kicking off the beginning of this year we feature the following publications: 

  • Oselinsky, K., Spitzer, A.N., Yu, Y., Ortega, F.R., Malinin, L.H., Curl, K.A., Leach, H., and Graham, D.J.. Virtual Reality Assessment of Walking in a Modifiable Urban Environment: A Feasibility and Acceptability Study. Scientific Reports (13), p.5867. In Scientific Reports 2023. 
  • Warden, A.C., Wickens, C.D., Rehberg D., Ortega, F.R., and Clegg, B.A.. Fast, Accurate, but Sometimes Too-Compelling Support: The Impact of Imperfectly Automated Cues in an Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Display on Visual Search Performance. Under Revision in IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems. 2023. 
  • Masters, R., Ortega, F.R., and Interrante, V.. A Multisensory Approach to Virtual Reality Stress Reduction. ACM (2023), pp. 1-5. In Smell, Taste, Temperature at ACM SIGCHI 2023. 
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